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Truck Rentals in Houston 

If you are planning a vacation trip with friends or family and find that your vehicle cannot accommodate everyone; you may contact Truck Rentals in Houston who offer 12 and 15 passenger vans, pickup trucks, cargo vans, etc; to meet the requirements of their customers. They offer cheap rentals so you may enjoy the trip by travelling together in the same van. Truck and Van Rentals in Houston have a fleet of vehicles for public and corporate accounts and their rentals are the best that can be found in Houston. Their clients come from different walks of life like schools, churches, hotels, hospitals, contractors, limousine companies, resorts and so on. They offer well maintained vehicles to meet all your transportation needs. They also offer customized rentals based on customer needs. Rentals are available on daily, weekly, and monthly basis for personal or commercial use at reduced rates. 

15 Passenger Van Rentals in Houston

However, during the coming vacation season it is always better to book 12 and 15 passengers Van Rentals in Houston well in advance as there is a lot of demand and your travel plans should not get delayed. Standard rates are $119.99 per day with 200 free miles included or $149.99 per day with unlimited miles. However, from Monday through Thursday you can rent vehicles from $49.99 per day plus miles or $69.99 per day with 100 free miles included. Extended rental packages are available for $1,099.99 for 7 days with unlimited miles and 10 days with unlimited miles for $1,399.99. You may also request seats be removed from the vehicle at an additional cost of $25 per seat and $5 for storage. Additional drivers are an additional $5 per day. All rates are subject to availability of vehicles.

You may also check with the cheap van rentals in Houston for discounted offers like... 2.9% off for visiting a national landmark and submitting a photo of the van in that place. They also offer 2.9% off in case you show your ticket for a sporting event before booking the vehicle. With these cheap prices and discount offers you can surely enjoy your trip across the country and still remain within your budget.

Make your transportation quite affordable at our 15 Passenger Van Rentals in Houston. We provide best deals and discounts on rentals for personal or commercial use. To know more details visit us online

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